Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding Sugar Palette #1009 | Blue Bare-y

An elegant contrasting palette full of lighthearted shimmer and bold cobalt blue accents.  I love the idea of a long-sleeved bridesmaids dress, and the airy sprays of orchids bring the calm feeling of the pale accents to each table.

Click on the Polyvore collection to find out where you can purchase any of the items.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

TOUR DE FORCE | swoon-worthy headpieces!

They're over the top, full of playful personality and made with luxurious folds of fabric.  London based Tour de Force is a designer that makes unique fashions and headpieces that have completely rocked my world today.  They are not for every bride but if you think you can pull one of these babies off at your wedding, PLEASE DO, and don't forget to send me pictures!  I'm putting one on my wish-list since I can't stop daydreaming about wearing one to a party someday. They ship to the states and create custom bridal pieces upon request.

Photos by: Kiyotaka Hatanaka

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Like Cake | My Favorite Things

I've had a long running obsession with anything that resembles a delicious frosted cake.  Typically it's architecture, I love buildings that look like you could walk up to them with a fork and take a bite.  A perfect example is this photo of a white church that I keep above my desk in my office.  My god-mother sent it to me from a vacation that she was on a couple of years ago...I can't wait to see it in person someday!

 Santa Lucia Catholic Church, Costa Rica

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lace Necklaces | Delicate Wedding Inspiration

I came across these necklaces by White Owl, they are so delicate and nostalgic; I love the lighthearted feeling.  They are made using new and re-purposed materials, the owner describes herself as a lover of art, flea markets and great style.

Here is more inspiration on the same light & airy note...

Click on the Polyvore collection to find out where you can purchase any of the items.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding Design Tip | Setting up Reception Chairs

Most of us were well trained in childhood, parents and teachers telling us lovingly to “push in your chair!”  When setting up a wedding reception, the chairs can easily become an afterthought, they get spread evenly around to their tables and forgotten about.  One detail, that will make a tremendous difference in the look of the reception, is to not push in the chairs.  This applies, for the most part, to tables with floor length table linens, but should apply to uncovered tables as well.   Slide the chair up to the point where it is just barely about to touch the hanging table linen and stop.  This way, it doesn’t make a dent in the fabric and the lines of your table look clean, finished, picture perfect and ready for your guests.

Photo by: Anna Kuperberg via 100 Layer Cake Blog

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Sugar Palette #1008 | Marry in Sperry

A daring combination at a carefree wedding by the water.  Perfect for a hot sunny day: flying kites, paper boats, and chic, comfortable bridesmaids wearing bright patent leather Sperry Top-Siders.  What more could you ask for? Your guests will remember how much fun they had at this whimsical event for a long time to come.

Click on the Polyvore collection to find out where you can purchase any of the items.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Featured Find | L’Objet “Evoca" Cake Stand

L'Objet Cake Stand
I love the blend of lavish finishes and organic design in this nickel plated and gold cake stand by L’Objet.  It would look beautiful in a rustic outdoor setting that is adorned with warm gold accents, filled with bamboo chairs, and boldly represents the beauty of natural inspired elements.  For example…
L'Objet Inspiration Board
Click on the Polyvore collection to find out where you can purchase any of the items.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Inspiration | On the Runway

A fabric draped dream, the Elie Saab Fall 2010 Couture Collection is one of the most inspirational shows I have ever laid eyes on.

Sheers, lace, texture, reflection, rich muted tones – it’s flowing perfection.  Notice the color variation between dresses and on each garment. The dresses look like they are laid on the models, wrapped around and secured for a perfect fit.
00060m 00090m 00120m 00130m 00190m 00230m 00250m 00280m 00340m 00350m 00360m 00370m 00440m
Photos by: Marcio Madeira

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We are pleased to announce a brand new addition to our wedding services!
Copy of Detail 1
The Sugared Starter is a package tailored to clients who would like to kick off their wedding planning with guidance from an expert wedding coordinator and designer.  The package includes a customized wedding binder as well as logistical and design meetings to ease you through your wedding planning, decisions and questions.  Here are the details:
Sugared Starter Meeting
We will review and discuss your inspirations, goals and ideas.  This meeting will help us build your binder and answer your initial planning questions.
Customized Russell + Hazel Wedding Planning Binder, including the following:
3 Color Palette Scenarios
Customized Wedding Budget
Customized Planning Checklist

Wedding Design Meeting {Mid-Planning}
Logistical Meeting {Mid-Planning}
Wrap-Up Meeting {One Month Prior to Wedding}
3 Troubleshooting Phone Calls or Emails
In case you need help along the way.
Price: $650
The Sugared Starter is a package that offers guidance, it is designed to help reduce stress and assist you in creating a beautiful and organized wedding day. It is not for clients who want day-of coordination or full-service planning and design. 
The package is available to couples nationwide.  Meetings take place in-person, for Seattle based clients, and take place via phone or Skype for out-of-town clients.
We would love to get together for a complimentary consultation.  Email kelsey{at}sugarcomb{dot}com to schedule a time.
Tear sheets in photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Design Tip | Floor Length Table Linens

Unless you are using gorgeous wood tables or unique pieces of furniture that you want to show off, I can't stress how much floor length table linens will add to the ambiance in a wedding reception.  The extra length is great for many reasons:
  • adds drama
  • hides unattractive metal table legs
  • fills space with something elegant where you would otherwise see the floor
  • gives a more clean, finished and thought-out look
  • adds visual weight to the lower half of the table  {This is important. We spend so much time figuring out what the table-top will look like that it's easy to forget to visually balance the second half of the table. With a floor length linen, the fabric, which has a strong visual weight, is "supporting" your display up top and creates a more consistent statement.}
Another option is to order an even larger table linen, which creates "pools" of fabric on the floor.  We see this all the time with window drapes.  It adds drama and can be very elegant when the right fabric is used in the right situation.  For example, certain fabrics pool better than others, silk or taffeta is better than cotton, and it will generally look better on hardwood floors, rather than carpeting.

Always test your table design plan beforehand so you know what to expect on your wedding day!  Your linen provider should be happy to help you do this. 

Photo courtesy of