Thursday, August 13, 2009

Year after year...

Yesterday, my grandparent's celebrated their 67th Wedding Anniversary. They were married on a Wednesday, a great day to Wed. She made her pale pink wedding gown and each of her bridesmaids dresses, and he made his tuxedo. My grandpa is a long ago retired custom tailor and my grandma, a seamstress. I wish I could bottle up all of their stories. They are nostalgia, they are magical. They are at that age when you cry because you remember something so sweet from so long ago.

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary about a week ago...holy crap, we are barely at the beginning. :)


  1. So sweet. I got a little verklempt there. I love old photos & nostalgic tale like this. Oh, and congrats (a few months belated).

  2. They are WONDERFUL people, it was nice to meet them and you today. Us new tailors have a lot to learn from the older generation before it's lost.


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